Tekken Tag Tournament 2 download for Android
Tekken Tag Tournament 2
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Tekken Tag Tournament 2


189 MB


Namco Bandai Games



Tekken Tag Tournament 2 needs no introduction. It is the most popular fighting game with many exciting characters to choose from. While most people know this game from gaming consoles, you can now play it on your Android mobile. Today, we will walk you through the details of this popular game and tell you how you can get it on your mobile device.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 – What Makes it Great

Tekken Tag Tournament is an incredibly popular fighting game that allows you to play with a computer or a friend in head-scratching battles. The game only takes 189 MB of space on your mobile device. Choose characters like Jin, Hwoarang, Xiaoyu, King, Brian, and many more and combat in a team battle with a tag partner.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 download for Android

Important Game Features

Team Battle

You can choose two fighters and create your team of eight players to compete in a VS battle. Play it with the computer or invite your friends to play with you.

Recover Your Health

The tag feature allows your second character to restore some health while the other fighter plays. This can help you restore your character’s health to gain a competitive advantage.

Many Characters

As always, Tekken brings an exciting batch of characters to choose from. The Tekken Tag Tournament 2 gives you the ultimate freedom to choose new characters based on your preferences.

Play Special Game Modes

Now you can play different modes in the Tekken Tag Tournament 2 for mobile. Choose from 1 VS 1, team battle, or story mode to indulge in an immersive experience.

Special Tag Moves

Each Tekken character has special tag moves to perform on the opposing players. You can partner with your teammates to inflict a heavy impact on the other players with your special moves.

Quick Swap

When performing your character’s combos, you can quickly swap your tag partner to prolong the impact on other players. This is an exciting feature for Tekken enthusiasts who are used to Tekken 3, 4, 5, and 6.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 download for Android

Game Pros and Cons


  • Play anywhere you like
  • Enjoy many characters
  • Different game modes
  • Unique team strategies
  • Health restore


  • Mediocre graphics
  • Switching controls can be difficult
  • Limited game updates

How to Download Tekken Tag Tournament 2 on Your Android Mobile?

Here is how you can access Tekken Tag Tournament 2 download for Android.

  1. Access the download link
  2. Enable downloading from third-party sources by accessing your phone’s settings
  3. Initiate the download
  4. Enjoy the game!

Here is a video tutorial to help you access Tekken Tag Tournament 2 download for Android.


Here are the commonly asked questions about Tekken Tag Tournament 2.

Can I Play Tekken Tag Tournament 2 for Free?

Yes, you can play Tekken Tag Tournament 2 for free on your Android mobile using the right APK link.

Do I Need Internet to Play the Game?

You can enjoy the offline game experience by downloading Tekken Tag Tournament 2 on your mobile.

Are Old Tekken Fighters Available in Tekken Tag Tournament 2?

Yes, this game has most of the old fighters along with various new ones for you to enjoy.


The above information can help you download Tekken Tag Tournament 2 to your Android mobile device. Access the download link today to indulge in the immersive playing experience.